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06 November 2014 @ 10:34 am
Long time no see  
Hello? Is anybody out there?

So I disappeared for a while and I'm wondering if any of the 50+ members of this community are still active on LJ at all? The last post was in 2011.

As the owner of the community I am just wondering if I should close it or pass on the torch. It seems totally dead so I'm leaning more towards closing it.

I still love Justin's music and actually saw him in concert again since dropping off planet LJ but I'm no longer obsessed with musicians like I used to be. I have other priorities in my life, my focus has changed.

I'm sorry for just disappearing and not posting for all this time.

Comment if you are still active. Comment if you want to take over the community. Comment if you think I should shut it down. Just comment with anything so I'm not just talking to myself. Lol.