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12 December 2009 @ 02:01 pm

Hello everyone, long time no talk!

I just got back from Justin’s concert at the MOD Club yesterday night, and as expected, it was too amazing for words- but ill try to express just how good it was as best I can :p.

As we were waiting in the line, Alex came out multiple times to get to the tour bus, and we talked for a couple minutes which was really cool because he remembered me from the video shoot lol, that was great.

The second really cool thing was that Justin’s brothers Henry was Christian were there, and actually preformed with Justin on stage. They actually did a number called “Mines” just the three of them, and I swear I welled up with tears, it was so precious. Not only that, but Henry actually sang backup for almost every song, save for a couple. You can tell he looks up to the band and his brother so much, just by the way he watched them as they preformed and the way they moved and it was such a beautiful thing to see. I felt honoured having got the chance to experience that. He’s JUST as talented as Justin, both of them are.. ALL OF THEM ARE LOL.

The set they played was great, and he played a few new songs along with his current stuff. I was SO HAPPPY when they played Swan in the Water, because I absolutely am in love with that song. Everyone went nuts when he played Criminal, and he didn’t even have to hardly sing it because the crowd was so loud and singing along hahaha..

At one point when they were in transition between songs, I yelled out “play Blue Velvet Sea!” and he stopped what he was doing, turned his head towards me, grew a huge smile and chuckled. I guess he wasn’t expecting someone to request that song? Lol, anyways, im glad he was amused by that, but they couldn’t play it due to the time constraint they were on because there was an event happening right after his show.

The only not so great part about the show was these annoying girls around me constantly screaming out “YOUR SO HOT!” and “I LOVE YOU JUSTIN, I ACTUALLY LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” and the classic “MARRY MEEEEEE!”. ESPECIALLY during the more serious songs, they just killed it. The moment was almost completely shot and I was really upset because the ones yelling this stuff out were directly behind me. It IS to be expected at a show,, but its just one of those pet peeves I have lol. When he took a couple moments (which was several different times during the show) to thank everyone for coming and how he was so honoured to be playing at home, and how we all have to come together to make a change, it was so inspiring BUT THE RANDOM SCREAMS pissed me off. I gotta say, I really appreciated the fact that he felt the need to thank us and share his thoughts with us, it put me in a even more fantastic mood than I already was.

I took a crap load of pictures and some great videos (especially the one of the three brothers singing Mines), and I got almost all the merch that was sold there and took pics of that as well, but unfortunately the stupid cord used to hook up the camera to the computer snapped, and I wont get the new one till Friday, but I WILL get them up for you guys, I promise!

Sorry for the long post!

Steff :)

angel ♥: justin nozuka | feel itaery on December 14th, 2009 12:30 pm (UTC)
Sounds amazing!
Blue Velvet Sea! ahh I LOVE that song!
and I totally agree about the screaming girls :P